Dockyard Coffee Co. Project - Coffee Bean Bag Design Dockyard Coffee Co. Project - Coffee Sampler Brochure Design Les Yeux Chocolate Package Design Lucques Restaurant Package Design Radiante Beauty Care Package Design Timeboy DVD Cover Package Design Bed Pattern Design Espresso Cup Pattern Design Dinnerware Pattern Design Houseware Pattern Design Turquoise Logo Design Mathmattics Logo Design Bravo Project Logo Design Les Yeux Noirs Logo Design Dockyard Coffee Co. Logo Design SMITH Logo Design Getty Education Department Press Kit Folder Phillip Glass and Red Cross Poster Ikko Tanaka Umbrella Poster Ikko Tanaka and Tadanori Yokoo Poster Ikko Tanaka Poster Josef Muller Brockmann Poster Jonathan Barnbrook Poster Wachie Watch Design and Poster Les Yeux Brochure by Naomi Hotta Oil Painting by Naomi Hotta